Welcome to the Academy for Psycho-Tactile Therapies

Gerry Pyves

The Academy is the culmination of a clinical lifetime spent developing effective and original approaches to healing both the Body and the Mind. What unites these approaches is the fact that the Body and the Mind cannot be separated. It is my experience  that the safe and ethical use of touch in therapeutic interventions can  make a real difference to both the speed and effectiveness of healing.  This  BodyMInd approach aligns itself perfectly with the very latest discoveries in both Neuroscience and Trauma.Gerry Pyves

These healing therapies are:

  • NO HANDS Massage A truly 100% zero strain approach to Massage. This is a training in some of the most powerful bodywork techniques to be found anywhere in the world. It is also a training in how both client and practitioner can focus their energy (or Chi) in order to achieve transformational healing outcomes in the BodyMind. All courses suspended until further notice, due to Covid-19
  • Trauma Discharge Therapya unique integration of psychological principles, neuroscience and touch. This training is only for Bodyworkers who have completed their NO HANDS Massage training. This training applies Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and the very latest neuroscience in order to use touch to effectively remove trauma from the nervous system.All courses suspended until further notice, due to Covid-19
  • Quantum Healing Group Facilitator A powerful and innovative model for therapists to provide their clients with access to profound healing on line. What is unique about this approach is the way in which it utilises touch and group psychology to have a ‘remote’ healing effect. AVAILABLE NOW
  • The Knowledge A psycho-educational programme for the public in applying the core principles of Transactional Analysis to our everyday lives. Touch is used to embed these concepts directly into to the nervous system in a revolutionary new approach to training. All courses suspended until further notice, due to Covid-19
  • Life Script Coach – a training for therapists and coaches who are interested in how to help people make lasting Life script changes by somatically re-writing their lives in the  form of a new fairy tale. This is described fully in Gerry’s “Psychology of Change” trilogy. All courses suspended until further notice, due to Covid-19
  • Psychotactile Therapyan advanced 1 year training for psychotherapists, coaches and counsellors in how to use touch safely and ethically to both reduce and remove traumas. All courses suspended until further notice, due to Covid-19

The Academy offers a modular approach to training, which means you can do the courses in the order and pacing that works for you. Every course is certified and, with the exception of The Knowledge, insurable as a stand-alone therapy.