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Pre-TT / Promo videos

Why People come on NH coursesoriginally part of US promotion. Has “front piece” on it – prob needs removing. About Why people come. Mastery students (Suites) talking about why learn NH: “the feel”, stayed because working without injury / getting healthier [Paula]; power to transform people’s lives – clients and myself [Marinella], powerful tmt given on courses [GP]

Learn NH at TT: no voiceover, images from TT course, text about supporting therapist / successful business -full practice – short. “Blockbuster-type” music

Take a look inside a NH course footage from Mastery set to The Deep by Bliss. Shows PK exercises (needs more explanation – very non-Massagey). Shows GP teaching (not instructors / attachment to GP) – has “Aug 2012” on front screen

Testimonial: It Transformed my life: Toni Bailey (no longer Assoc member) – refers to “2 months ago” but several years old – transformed my life, just wanted to do more, makes me feel freer, able to connect with client more, touch is Transforming, could keep working all day with NH, feel more energised. GOOD VIDEO – compelling

(Testimonial: absolutely love it Roy Barker. retrained, refers to “3 months ago” but several years old, lots of work – but fun. More ability to continue Massaging, helped wrists, able to support different clients (talks a lot about a specific client))

?What happens on a TT courseGP talking – “It’s all about the feel” – giving you a new tmt to offer clients straight after course

Have a NH massage (targetted for clients) music only – words: Deep, Powerful, Gentle, Effective, Unbelievably Nurturing, Body-Mind-Spirit
Available on

(GP talks about NH – NB ALSO USED AS PRE-TT EVENING VIDEO FOR INSTRUCTORS beginning feels quite hard / parental / looks a bit dated / LOTS of content covered but at high level. Content: developed by accident, GP talks about how hard NH is to teach, how it evolved clinically, then moves on to talking about Tai Chi / healing synergy, retraining practitioner body to ease & flow, releasing gentle power, self healing, dance, unleashing creativity, talks about Transformation briefly, trainers = clinicians), what drew you into NH question to students – combination of soft & power (Doerte) – coming home, simple way of working that works for clients)

What is NH (for clients): GP talks about NH for clients – context (MT for 30 yrs, 20K tmts, trained 3K therapists), world of Massage = pamper/relax/beauty (too light, too superficial) > sports (painful / discomfort / tension). NH offers power + depth with relaxation, without pain – systemic. Brings together  No footage of work going on
Available on

GP explaining NH 2016/2017 – GP talking only

Overarching: What does NH offer you? Complete training programme for any qualified Massage Therapist who wants to be a Transformational Touch therapist.  Level 1: zero  strain bodywork – fundamental issue of injury in the profession – sufficient for some therapists. Level 2: Deep bodywork. Changing the rulebook of Massage – 4/5 times potency – depth + amount of touch. Transformational Bodywork. Level 3: Transactional Bodyworker – psychology of Touch.

1. Why Is Zero Strain important GP talking – no zero strain = gambling career. References KiP stats. Make zero-strain top priority. Strain when body is instrument of healing = DOESN’T work. Main loss to profession = EXHAUSTION. Not enough to learn preventative approach – need to learn a method that will enable you to heal while you still work. Massage has to be powerful to be successful – if not doing NH = wrist injury. Often protection of wrist = injury to Spine. No-one identified / solved injury issue apart from NH – be careful who you learn from. MT on forum talking about elbows used badly. NH doesn’t hurt – it builds practices and comes from clinical work. Reference to tai chi med / yoga / gym > KiP

2. Deep Massage once solved wrist/back injury problem NH practitioners working at full depth and power. Need to rewrite rule book of Massage – change everything. Client hypnogogic state from sensory stimulation. Strokes can be more powerful without any risk of injury – clients get four times the power in a session.Massive structural release enables clients to release on other levels (PEEMS reference). 80% of causes of physical problems NOT on physical level. Works for practitioners if you’re generally working at structural level OR at relaxation level. > KiP

3. Transactional Massage potency of NH touch = enables clients to Transform. Means as a therapist often not equipped to engage at this transformational level – GP learnt TA. How to avoid games / things going wrong. GP did bodywork AND psychotherapy. Spent years working out what from psychological knowledge can apply to Massage profession. Taking TA into bodywork – without this = walking through psychological minefield. Communication transforms success rate of tmts. Massage isn’t an adjunct therapy – it’s a life transforming therapy.  references ROADMAP


TT online course

TT online promo: GP talks about the online course – 2017 to eradicate injury for rest of career worldwide. If use, need to bear in mind the 2017 element of this video. Powerful for clinic: other people finding forearms painful – begging for “hands only”. Sport = be hurt; relax = go for a Massage. References KiP re: stats – know the facts. Clients love the feel of it – very specific training to replace the hands for deep work. Working in threes to learn it. Now is the time to provide deep psychological soothing touch to the world – sooth and calm to be able to think clearly. Tipping point – quite political. Share the message – “Global project of healing touch”

Pre-reg pg (inc. sign up for pre-course):
NH Tmt: to 100K angels – “What you could offer your clients”, only 10% of NH strokes are shown in public
NH Philosophy – Melt Factor:
 solving injury problem = solutions created new things: new surfaces to work with, how to move changed, ability to use full body weight without pain. Weight + slow = use gravity. Weight + no pain + gravity = melt factor, all muscles release (not just the one you’re working on). NH is touch + weight (no pain)+ Gravity (slow) + Touch (x 3/4 usual) = Transformational. All happened accidentally from injury issue
Organising your course: learn NH by FEELING it – learn as a client. Nuts and bolts of how to organise it

Pre-course page (inc. sign up for full course):
Welcome Ability to keep Massaging as long as want. NH = zero strain, regular Massage = transformation, potent Touch therapy; use whole body weight = POWER; new way of working; need to be able to handle client transformation
Massage table height
Massage table set up

Client & Practitioner hubs
Practical sessions
Towels v sheets

PLUS 7 PK Audio + Handbook

NB the following pages are only available if you’re LOGGED IN to

Semester 1:
Lesson 1 – The Slump & Falling + Decompression Therapy (in context of Slump):
Lesson 2 – The Octopus & Kneeling + Touch Smorgasbord (2 things in NH: use weight & many surfaces. Transformational Touch Therapy – transforming at cellular / genetic level. Client heals themselves, anti-pharma element – we’re born with everything we need to heal, just need touch to switch on self healing)   + PEEMS (came about from clients – experience of working with clients. If give powerful Touch = release on all PEEMS):
Lesson 3 – The Arm Wrap & SupportPower of Slow (slow + soft = more powerful than fast + painful. 7 advantages to going slow – best way to learn something new; more awareness of own body sensations; permission to FEEL more;  permission for client to FEEL more; lack of busy > takes touch into deeper / more profound space; self-healing power of client + self-soothing of practitioner; fundamental to every NH stroke – philosophy that the touch is the medicine, give time for touch = doing due diligence to medicine of Touch.  TM: nb mentions Prac hub – just need disclaimer if use elsewhere than TT online course):
Lesson 4 – Integration + endorsement + A Transformational Therapy:

Semester 2:  –
Lesson 5 – The Glute Rock & Shire Horse + About the Hips:
Lesson 6 – The Leg Plane & Flow + Verticality, Falling & Support:
Lesson 7 – The Foot Slump, Integration + endorsement + Systemic Massage:

Semester 3:  –
Lesson 8 – The Soft Shoe Shuffle & Sole + More About Sole + Constant Contact:
Lesson 9 – The Rolling PinLines + Circles:
Lesson 10 – The Hook & Falling Sideways + Healing Synergy:
Lesson 11 – Integration + endorsement + Every Practitioner Feels Different + A Transformational Treatment:

Course endorsement and certification:

Lesson 12 Full tmt pattern + demo + endorsement + Psychology of NH (TM: watch again! as NH developed, touch changed and got much deeper – profound, life changing Touch; intimacy; Massage = entering a zone which could trigger fight or flight – permission to be close; benefits to psyche; hypnotic nature of NH; TM: references online course – add link to sign up if use elsewhere):


Why Massage Works Series – not currently in use


1: Paretos Law: contains 7 secrets to clinical effectiveness – none of them massage, e.g. ‘smile’, ‘warm room’, ‘no pain’ etc…

2: Massage: contains ‘Lines/circles’ + ‘compression’ + ‘rocking’ – keep it simple – no pain or prod and poke – swedish is all you need – deep release = client’s decision – no place for pain = non massage influences on touch – bodywork only found in morgue – human being is more than body = energy, mind, emotion and spirit – “unable to massage without affecting these!”. Keep it simple, swedish and pleasant.

3: Sensory nerves: contains – we only touch skin – Tiffany fields/Ashly montagu – smorgasbord – brain impact – switches on ‘internal pharmacy’. trust the touch and touch as much as possible

4: Structural Balance: contains – ‘shrunken suit metaphor’ – demonstrates this – deal with CAUSE not symptom – get clients connected and decompressed – “stretch that suit”

5: Use of words: contains –  danger of words being anchored – focus on outcomes not problems – only use positive words – Hypnogogic state – do not interrupt the ‘real’ conversation of touch – shut your gob!

6: Muscles

7: Tendons

8: Homeostatic body

9:Treatment room

10: Why Massage Works

TT Launch: The Integrated Massage Therapist

(2015 – poor conversion from these specific videos)

Intro: Overview: 5 isolations: 1) Professional isolation; 2) Business isolation; 3) Practical isolation; 4) Developmental isolation; 5) Creative isolation. “Click on button” points to the LEFT of the video. Reasons to sign up: 1) serious about massage business; 2) learn some new techniques / ideas; 3) keen to look at business tools; 4) hear about old ideas that still work; 5) bit more connected with wider Massage family

(1: Structural Integrationguiding clients through psychological awareness needed for dealing with “physical” problems that might be caused by non-physical issues (e.g. stress). Importance of talking to client in understanding which technique will work – give self time to think, breathe and ask questions. Series of tmts to help clients really get to the root cause. References download: pricing structures pdf & “comments below”. TM comment: I found this quite difficult / confusing to watch – lots of ideas, possibly too many)

2: Technique v pre-technique: structural integration – most clients come with a structural issue but will leave again unless they’re “met” on a psychological level. Success = “pre technique”. References PEEMS. Communicating the idea (again) that physical issues are very often not physical – much deeper: need to MEET CLIENT where they are. First contact: very gentle, very slow – soothing client and start by letting hands relax into tissues. Pre-technique (aka “listening touch”) is receiving from the client – take time to meet their tissues. 

3: Integrating Musicthe way we move is massively affected by use of music. Massage as a dance between practitioner and client – impact practitioner body to flow and move in a way to connect with client. How make music impactful: GP learnt about it on training courses. Choose music for PRACTITIONER. 5 top tips for making music that empowers tmt – 1) work in silence; 2) make music emotionally powerful; 3) make it loud; 4) choose the music that works for you, the therapist (“I don’t care about the client”); 5) always get the “ouch” contract  TM: use as a stand alone video? Could cut at 6.11 / have an “end screen”

(4: Smorgasbord of Touch: integrating psychology of healing & touch into tmts – therapy of Touch / medicine of Touch. Touch is the medicine, regardless of the techniques. Expanding out from just working the problem area to working whole body – give every client a feast of powerful Touch. “Where it is, it isn’t. Where it isn’t, it is”. YOU are the centre of the healing equation)

5: What happens in courses: talking about TT – having to move whole body in a different way. Put practitioner at the centre of the equation. Motto: yoga/tai chi / gym – “impossible to stay ill as a practitioner”. Learn how to use body weight – apply to 9 strokes. Day 3 integrate into tmt. 

Pre-TT: Knowledge is Power

Stages 1-3
On: (+NH story – see below)

Stages 4-7
On:  (+ Healing Synergy – see below)

On: (+ learning zero strain approach – see below)

Bonus: Healing Synergy Importance of being able to work structurally – addressing aches and pains by going deep (builds practices). Healing synergy = focus on client AND practitioner. Thai chi / yoga / gym. (not just focus on client = injury using traditional swedish) New paradigm – therapist & client healing together. Original paradigm = sacrificial / Florence Nightingale, sacrificing life and health to help others (to help others I must suffer). Therapists saying they feel MORE energy after doing tmts. 

Bonus: NO HANDS Story: “this first talk” at beginning (TM: deal with by putting context underneath), Anton day story, non-Massage time injury e.g. aching wrists while cycling;  talk given at Mastery, challenge of recreating the “going unconscious” bit = beginning of NH. The Slump.

Bonus: learning zero strain massage Not using hands can usually lead to back problems. Be wary of people who say they can teach zero strain. NH means whole body movement, to avoid injury / strain. Adjust strokes to body shape


At TT (during course)

Welcome from GP: PEEMS & Talking the walk: warm welcome – begin with the end in mind, see TT tmt. Putting NH into context: sits in a continuum between “technical / structural / sports Massage” and “pamper massage” – joined = powerful, deep, effective, not painful – bringing Touch into centre of Massage. How NH developed: listening to what clients said the Massage did for them – feedback captured by PEEMS levels. Explains client walk & “be a client” during course – inc. client walk.

Touch Smorgasbord: research has shown it’s the TOUCH that has the power. We’re the only ones delivering safe, powerful healing Touch – emphasise power of the pure touch. Systemic – work one place, effect elsewhere.

Compression-Decompression: Falling is going to be most important PK. Power of strokes from compression & decompression. Feel expansion on all PEEMS levels.

After TT (emailed)

1: Go Do

2: Make your client walk

3: Client Hub 

4: Practitioner hub
(this is the video that was lost)


6: Continuing the journey

At Practitioner (during course)

Stirring the mud

After Practitioner (emailed): 7 Movements of Massage

1: Anatomy of a Massage Stroke

2: Hara


4: Flow & Falling

5: Support & Kneeling 

6: Shire & Pivot: 

7: Come to Advanced
On; (changes periodically)

8: Come to Weekend with Gerry (used as a one-off in 2016 to existing Adv practitioners – resulted in approx 10 bookings @ £299+VAT)


After Advanced (emailed)

1: What clients really need: contains – clients are not a slab of meat but PEEMS – Physical problems = PEEMS – Give 5-dimensional bodywork – use 4 EXISTENTIAL questions.

2: The Power of Slow

3: PEEMScontains: THE PRACTITIONER HUB – Importance of breath to feel our movements – like a meditation – what you signed up for – most important technique of them all is PKT HUB – story of doing this live at Mastery.

4: Book Mastery Foundation

ONE OFF LAUNCH 2016 (got bookings): 5 Dimensional Therapist weekend

After Foundation (emailed): Secrets of Masterful Touch


Secret 1 –

Secret 2 –

Secret 3: Core Competencies;

Secret 4 – Support: (updated to be last in series Sept 2017)

Stir mud: (book Foundation – Immersion price- one-off use in 2016)

Ass’t year (one off use in 2016)


Let Your Light Shine


Myth 1: to succeed I must do it by myself:

Myth 2: to succeed I must be the expert:

Myth 3: to succeed I must learn more techniques – with pivot (not in use)

Myth 3: to succeed I must learn more techniques – without pivot:

4: Sell video for Mastery 2015 (used in 2014)

5: Bonus video – For people who have booked on Mastery – contains:  – “Speaking Client” – speak their PEEMS – mirror them – e.g. don’t speak spiritual to their energetic – disaster – the walk ‘what PEEMS are they talking?’ – stretch to other PEEM? – The open door PEEMS can lead to the other rooms in the house (no drawing).

Master Hub

NH Story

Learning Zero Strain approach

International Practitioner FastTrack sell video

Was used as final video after content being used in Knowledge is Power above

Roadmap (for Assoc – Aug 2016)

About the Association 2015

(don’t think we used this: was designed for Americans but felt too parental – well, one of these two was, haven’t looked at them in full yet)

Instructor Training Videos

(I don’t think we ever used these – they were s response to a Teresa B student I believe)
1: TT Trench warfare

2: Meeting your structural clients

3: Geraldine’s 4 questions

4: Explain what you do when you do it

5: Communicating from OK/OK

6: Inviting Adult feedback

7: Instructor Dos and Don’ts