The Science & Art of Transformation

Yesterday I introduced the idea that stories are a really powerful way to access the unconscious – today I really get into what that means, and how Fairy Tales are amongst the most powerful tools we can use for transformation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series – you can find links to all 12 episodes below if you want to recap anything. And if there’s someone you know who you think might value the series – do feel free to share this page with them – I’m passionate about getting these simple yet powerful ideas out to as many people as possible!

I’d love to hear how you found the series as a whole – do leave a comment below. And remember there’s loads more useful content on my blog.

Wishing you a Truly Transformational 2018!

The Way we Change

3 Systems for Change (Wilma Bucci)

The Power of the Unconscious

Destructive Forces

Life Script

3 Stages of Change

A Safe Haven



The Power of Story

Fairy Tales

The Science and art of Transformation (this video)

4 thoughts on “The Science & Art of Transformation”

  1. Gerry, thank you loads for this series! Very well put together. I’m amazed how much information is crammed in these tiny videos. To me, totally useful. It clarified many things, in particular the balance needed between different areas of work. I really look forward to revisiting the symbolic realm thanks to your suggestion. I’m not going to join you for the Knowledge right now as I’m in the middle of experimenting with another way. I wish everybody involved a fantastic and fulfilling journey!
    With love xx

  2. Thank you Gerry! I have greatly enjoyed this series – I love the bite sized videos – succinctly short so that I can’t make the excuse that I don’t have time to watch them! Lots of useful info. This year I am being pragmatically practical with the intent of clearing things that need attending to, and taking some training in meditation that I suspect maybe long overdue. A tortoise not a hare – I intend to be back ‘dreckly'(as the Cornish say).
    A heartfelt ‘thank you’ for all I have learnt so far.
    Best wishes

  3. Thanks for the strokes. Look forward to witnessing you “finish the job” and becoming a much and well deserved Master, Shiona!


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