THE KNOWLEDGE: a unique and innovative personal and professional training programme designed and taught by Gerry Pyves. It addresses the thorny issue of how LIFE SCRIPT sits in the driving seat of our lives. It draws on the last 200 years of psychological understanding as well as the incredible discoveries that neuroscience has been making over the last 40 years to explain the power that LIFE SCRIPT has to govern our unconscious impulses. More importantly, it teaches us how we can make effective changes to this LIFE SCRIPT.

PSYCHOLOGY: The programme focuses on understanding the psychology of OURSELVES, OTHERS and how to have a greater impact on THE WORLD. At the heart of it is the idea that each and every one of us is following our own unique LIFE SCRIPT. This is one of the most powerful psychological models around – one that is currently being used by over 20,000 clinical professionals worldwide.  This information holds the key to making lasting change in our own lives and helping others to do the same.

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EMBODIMENT: Gerry integrates this powerful psychological model of the LIFE SCRIPT with some of the most well proven and ancient body based healing systems on the planet. These are systems that Gerry has been using to train Bodyworkers for over 30 years. Only when we can integrate what we have learned about LIFE SCRIPT into the cells of our bodies can we make long lasting changes and truly “know a thing”…

EXPERIENTIAL: You cannot learn about being human just from books or on-line courses. The most important thing about being human is that we are COMMUNAL BEINGS and a genuine understanding of LIFE SCRIPT is best achieved by learning TOGETHER.  We need each other and we need to learn how to  better ‘be together’. This is the most important thing the world needs right now – humans who understand our deep and profound need of each other.

Order your copy of Gerry’s PSYCHOLOGY OF CHANGE TRILOGY to get stuck in straight away

WHO IS IT FOR? Sometimes we hit a crisis in our health, our work or our relationships because there is more for us to learn about ourselves. It is time to learn even more about just what BEING HUMAN really means. This means we have more to discover about our own unique LIFE SCRIPT. In undertaking this journey, we find ourselves discovering what makes all humans tick. This massively increases our effectiveness with others. This inner journey of LIFE SCRIPT discovery is the most important and most exciting journey of them all. To go safely on such a journey you need a programme designed and taught by an experienced and well qualified psychological professional who has been living in this terrain all his life…

HOW DOES IT WORK? THE KNOWLEDGE is a 21 day programme comprising seven 3-day weekends, completed over the course of a year. Combining powerful therapeutic elements Gerry has been teaching for over 20 years, this is the first time you can access “the whole package” – and use it to make those ever-elusive LIFE SCRIPT changes to your life. Download THE BROCHURE

What is covered in THE KNOWLEDGE…

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Order your copy of Gerry’s PSYCHOLOGY OF CHANGE TRILOGY to get stuck in straight away