Talking to the Nervous System

A PsychoTactile Approach to Trauma

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A one-day training for psychological professionals in how to make changes directly into the limbic system through Touch.

For thousands of years Healers, Shamans and Bodyworkers have been utilising body-mind based techniques to remove and heal traumas. As the latest neuroscience drives us towards more bodily orientated ways to access the all important limbic system we are coming to a turning point in the healing arts. We are at a paradigm shift, where psychologically trained therapists are realising they must access the wisdom of these traditional body based healing techniques in order to make lasting change to the brain’s nervous system.

With his unique background in both psychotherapy and Massage clinical work, Gerry (PTSTA) brings over 2 decades of teaching experience as he presents these fascinating ideas in an accessible and applied way.

What has emerged with increasing clarity over the last 20 years of thrilling neuroscience is that, when it comes to the effective treatment of trauma (both acute and chronic), we must talk directly to the nervous system. It is simply not possible to access the parts of the brain where repetitive trauma – induced patterns reside (limbic and brain stem) through words or awareness alone.

No matter how embodied or relationally informed our work may be, still the nervous system maintains its ancient structural habit of vigilance and withdrawal.  This is why we are now reaching a cross roads in the psychological professions. It is clear that the ‘trauma informed therapist’ must be brave enough to ‘cross over’ into the world of bodywork and touch in order to directly access the nervous system of our clients.

It is no longer scientifically or ethically justifiable to shun the role of touch in therapy. 

The crossroads we are now entering is one in which therapists are embracing the role of touch to directly soothe the nervous system and create new and healthier pathways in their brains.

We are not talking about some re-traumatising and ill informed  ‘hippy’ touch that crashes through every safety and protective boundary that the client has built up for their historic survival. We are talking about an approach that is informed regarding both transference issues and boundaries.  This psychotactile approach is an informed clinical approach that allows for the direct soothing of the nervous system without the re-stimulation of historical touch and intimacy based traumas.

This is why this day is taught by Gerry Pyves, a therapist who has spent his entire clinical life in BOTH FIELDS of touch and psychotherapy. On this day he will cover:

  • Why ‘talking to the nervous system’ is essential when dealing with trauma
  • The role of touch in ‘speaking Nervous System’
  • Unique Nervous System exercises that you can teach your clients
  • The 16 problems of touch – and how to solve them
  • THREE touch protocols aimed directly at the limbic system

This day builds on and reinforces the material Gerry taught on his acclaimed ‘Neuroscience of Touch’ workshops around the UK last year. It is a response to the many requests he has received to show how the neuroscience can be applied in the treatment room.

Gerry’s 7 video course “The Neuroscience of Touch” is a great introduction to the material covered on this day. As a result of familiarity with the material on this video course,  we are able to focus on the practical issues of just how we can apply this neuroscience in our sessions with clients. This is an experiential workshop in which you will learn from the feedback of each other after each exercise as well as from the material presented. This will enable you to witness the impact of touch on the nervous system of both yourself and on a wide spectrum of people.

Polyvagal Theory made simple

“Dr Stephen Porges has created a paradigm shift in our understanding of sickness and trauma and what treatment protocols to use. In this free webinar I talk through what this theory means in practice for counsellors and therapists.” Gerry Pyves

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About Gerry: Gerry is a UKCP registered psychotherapist and an internationally recognised bodyworker. He has pioneered a psychologically informed approach to massage and bodywork that is now used by thousands of bodyworkers worldwide. Whilst bodyworkers are now embracing their need to understand the psychological implications of their touch, his focus has turned to helping psychological professionals in learning how to access the power of touch to change the brain. he teaches therapists how to do this safely and effectively in their own clinical work. He lives in Lancashire, UK.

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What people say about training with Gerry

An excellent course, containing a lot of complex material, broken down and made easy to understand, with an energetic and humorous presentation by Gerry.” Wendy Moor “Gerry shared bucket loads of inspiring information in such a way that it was exciting, fun and enlightening. The learning is dynamic, with plenty of real life examples. I felt very safe, respected as I am, cared for and that allowed me to be more open.” Noelia Romani Moreno Easily digestible.” Robert Day I enjoyed the ability to pick up complex information and ideas quickly, and being able to ask in depth questions which clarified my learning in the moment.” Emmy Yeadon “Stimulating, fun, instructive, rewarding. Your enthusiasm is so infectious. Brilliantly organised. Engaged all the time. Very high interest level. Really good manual.” Jane Blacklock “I valued Gerry’s time and energy to listen to our questions and the space and thought he gave to each of us to answer them. I found it fascinating and enjoyed Gerry’s approach, which was welcoming and encouraging and made me feel very comfortable.” Rachel Wayte “I enjoyed the energy and didn’t feel as if I was learning a load of “stuffy” counselling info. Felt fresh and new.” Kate Schaeffer I now understand how the brain processes trauma and how touch can change this going forward. ” Mae Maginnis  Listening to Gerry talk through the neuroscience of touch has made the information clearer. I’d read through it at home but it didn’t ‘click’ in my mind.” Sophie Crutchley

I feel more informed about the reactions we all have and how to deal with them – both professionally and personally.” Debbie Wingell

“I feel I have the knowledge and confidence to better deal with trauma if it occurs. It’s so simple yet works so effectively and SAFELY.” Gillie Hazzledine

I found the course a great mix and have come away feeling more confident and energised.” Martina Teal

“The biggest value for me is how practical and easy it is to translate the theory into my life.” Jana Dosoudilova