Window of Tolerance series


Learn about Dan Siegel’s Window of Tolerance model – and how you can integrate this map practically into your work as a therapist, whatever your discipline.

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In this downloadable 9-video series, Gerry teaches Dan Siegel’s concept of the Window of Tolerance and then expands this to its clinical applications to enable you to integrate this knowledge into your work with clients.

Broken down into discrete units, the series covers:

  1. Integrating different parts of the brain
  2. The core Window of Tolerance concept explained
  3. Anxious Clients
  4. “Switched off” Clients
  5. Releasing Trauma
  6. Working with Traumatised Clients
  7. Empowering Clients
  8. Healing the Three Traumas

The 9th video offers a summary and review of the series.

The course is ideal for anyone working in the caring professions to either learn or deepen your knowledge of the Window of Tolerance, and understand how it can underpin your work.


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