Transforming Lives

Transforming Lives




The Fairy Tale Phenomenon is based on one simple, yet very powerful idea: Your life is a fairy tale. You wrote it. You can change it.

Following on from the Fairy Tale Phenomenon, Transforming Lives presents the twelve steps of The Fairy Tale Process for anyone to use for making personal change – either at home or in the treatment room.

This methodology enables you to influence specifically targeted areas of your unconscious. It is a highly informative and instructive text book on how to access the enormous power of your unconscious. The five premises upon which this system is based are all solidly rooted in the last 200 years of psychological theory and take into account the latest information coming out of both psychological and neuroscientific research.

If you have any repetitive behaviours that you wish to change, or you are struggling to manage a recent change in your circumstances, then Transforming Lives could be just what you are looking for.

Transforming Lives is the third book in Gerry’s Psychology of Change trilogy.


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