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Gerry PyvesI really hope you enjoyed the webinar – I know there’s a LOT in it, so you can rewatch it by clicking HERE.

I believe this is information EVERYONE should know – and if you want to move from just having the information to taking ACTION to increase your resilience and transform your health, do join me at the next NEURO-TOUCH Protocols course

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“I found this course hugely benefitted my own understanding and healing.” Emma Gunnell

“If family, friends, clients or myself are triggered, I now feel I have an effective tool to use. Love the idea of sharing this, and the ripple effect this will have in the community.” Janine Kember

“It’s taught me why my husband reacts to situations in the way he does and will help with my personal relationships.” Melissa Funnell

“It was hugely helpful to go into how the brain is triggered and how we have the potential to help ourselves and others feel safe and calm.” Michelle Ahluwalia

“This will be really useful. I had a situation yesterday where this knowledge would have been helpful.” Theresa Aldous

I feel more informed about the reactions we all have and how to deal with them – both professionally and personally.” Debbie Wingell

“I feel I have the knowledge and confidence to better deal with trauma if it occurs. It’s so simple yet works so effectively and SAFELY.” Gillie Hazzledine

Listening to Gerry talk through the neuroscience of touch has made the information clearer. I’d read through it at home but it didn’t ‘click’ in my mind.” Sophie Crutchley

I now understand how the brain processes trauma and how touch can change this going forward. ” Mae Maginnis

I’ve been on several neuroscience events before; this time I think I finally ‘get it’!”  Vanessa Boddye

Gerry brings alive factual information, the appeal of psychology, connecting up to date science with the effects of powerful, ancient Touch in the treatment of trauma, locked in the mind and body.” Dawn Cree

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