“Probably the most exciting development in healing touch and social change, ever.”

  • Becoming a ‘NEURO-TOUCH Provider’ will give you the tools to improve mental health, resilience and remove traumas in all the communities that you care about.
  • This is a 1 year training and support package that means you can be registered and insured to teach the public some of the most powerful and scientifically proven touch in the world.
  • Train families, couples and groups how to employ the latest neuroscience to soothe and even remove trauma from each other on a daily basis.
  • Create regular communities of healing touch in your locality where attending your local NEURO-TOUCH group is as normal as going to a yoga class and where doing your daily touch exchange is as normal as going for a run or meditating.
  • All based on the simple truth that society badly needs safe and healing touch to survive the 21st century.
  • Download the prospectus to learn more about this training and to see if you are eligible
  • Get in touch to discuss how this could impact your life and career, and what time and money investment is required

Touch is what conveys to our nervous system (and brain) that we are safe. If we want to learn or think clearly, it seems that touch is essential.”

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