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NeuroTouch offers you the skills, and the confidence, to reclaim Touch as a powerful healing tool for you and your loved ones

NeuroTouch is not a “miracle cure” or a “magic bullet” – but does offer you the tools for gradual, long term, sustainable improvements in every aspect of your health – from the physical to the psychological, and everything in between.” Gerry Pyves

Soothing the Nervous System: being “out of balance” on any level will inherently be causing stress to the Nervous System. Maybe you’re in pain, suffering from anxiety and stress, dealing with recent or historic trauma, or any other health concern, mental or physical. Whatever the ailment, the Nervous System is out of balance – and needs soothing.

Isolation: Regardless what we tell our conscious mind, the very core of the nervous system only knows it is truly with another when in physical contact with another. This is where the role of Touch – and regular Touch – is so vital.

Dissolving traumas: Neuroscientific research has shown that a very particular type of Touch can dissolve traumas locked in the non-verbal part of the brain, traumas you may not even be consciously aware of. This is the touch taught in NeuroTouch.  The three Touch protocols you learn are used in every NeuroTouch Touch Exchange (done with a partner also trained in NeuroTouch) to soothe the nervous system, dissolve trauma and build resilience.

Safety: Then there is the issue of Safety. Touch can be immensely soothing and healing – but currently is often linked either to sex, violence or both. Dealing with these perceptions and beliefs around Touch is core to the NeuroTouch training – as is exploring how to create a safe environment with your Touch Exchange partner.

The course: Taught over 2 days, the NeuroTouch training gives you all the practical Touch and communication tools you need to be able to give and receive healing and resilience-building clothed Touch at home. There is no need for any existing Touch or therapy qualifications to attend. Make the most of the training by coming with a partner who lives locally enough that you can meet up to do your NeuroTouch Touch Exchanges several times a week.

What next: I’ve put together a free seminar which explains in more depth both the neuroscience and practicalities of NeuroTouchclick here to access. Alternatively, book here or contact us for more information using the form below:

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