Happy Christmas!

I hope wherever you are, and whoever you’re with, you’re having a wonderful day today. As promised, this is the very first in my 12-part PSYCHOLOGY of CHANGE video series all about the Way We Change

I’d love to hear your thoughts, questions or comments about the Way we Change – do leave a comment below.

And keep your eyes peeled for the next video tomorrow morning: 3 Systems You Need for Change…

8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!”

  1. Almost makes me want it to be Boxing day already! My eager anticipation for the next installment will have to wait, I haven’t opened my Christmas presents yet!

  2. Good introduction, I especially liked the analogy of the road map, a tiny fragment of which won’t work for the majority of people, and the acknowledgement that we are all so different that one size can’t change all people.

  3. I too liked the analogy of the road map, something that I can relate to. I also like the acknowledgement that just because it worked for someone else doesn’t automatically mean it will work for me. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. Enjoyed it very much – love the simplicity of how you delivered it Gerry and could relate very much to the fact that different people need different ways in order to make effective change. This makes such perfect sense afterall even when we do a massage we wouldn’t dream of doing the same massage on every person who came into our clinics so its pretty ludicrous to think that one standard model is going to sort or fix everybody on a physcological level too…
    Looking forward to seeing what pops into the inbox in the morning x

  5. Keep these comments rolling, folks. You have no idea how lonely it can be writing, filming and editing this stuff. Soooo good to read your thoughts and reactions. I will also visit these pages each day to see if anyone has a question.


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