Congratulations to our new FAIRYTALE COACHES

The innovative FAIRYTALE PROCESS (developed by Gerry Pyves) builds on the work of Eric Berne, founder of Transactional Analysis. It enables you to work at the very deepest ‘core script’ level in a language the psyche truly understands: the language of Fairytales. And you now have a whole new cohort of Fairytale Coaches who can help you navigate … Read more

Join us online for Your Weekly Massage

These weekly sessions ran from January – April 2021 but have now ended. You can access similar material in our FREE “Tools for Resilience” resource – click here Started in lockdown but continuing due to such a positive response, Gerry is running WEEKLY live sessions online to help YOU, your friends and your loved ones … Read more

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

By Gerry Pyves CAN WE DO OUR HEALING WORK DURING LOCKDOWN? The simple truth about the Covid-19 epidemic is that we cannot solve a problem if we do not even know the scope of that problem… For a long time now, I have been advising caution both as a massage therapist and a psychotherapist by … Read more

Covid-19: Financial Anxiety?

This post is intended to signpost and encourage you to access the resources relevant to you. We cannot offer detailed advice regarding individual situations – if you need extra support we suggest you use the support options suggested. All over the world people are dealing with very basic survival questions about how they will earn … Read more

The 3 Psychological Hungers

Once we have our basic physiological needs met, it is vital to address our psychological hungers to maintain our health, wellbeing and resilience. This video explores those hungers – and gives you tips on how to meet these hungers in your own life. In a hurry? Skip straight to the section you want: Introduction: 0 … Read more


What you do asa therapist When you reach out tohelp another Is simply amazing I am  in AWE of you… Brexit, Trump, Bolsonaro, climate change, Hong Kong, recession, unemployment, overpopulation, scarcity marketing, FOMO, school shootings, flooding, GMOs, 5G, ACEs, etc. etc. etc… How can any of us NOT feel anxious or worried when we see … Read more

The Polyvagal Theory Made Simple

“This single theory has utterly transformed the psychological professions” ​ There is a revolution in healthcare that is taking place due to our understanding of trauma, and it is essential for all psychological professionals to keep up to date with this. The Polyvagal Theory reveals what is the real cause of almost all of the … Read more

Loss and Trauma

“Trauma is always about loss. Loss is the very foundation stone of trauma.” What is lost in trauma? Almost always trauma takes away something that we were attached to. so I pick up the top six of my client notes and here are the losses that form the foundation stones of the traumas they are dealing … Read more

The Scars of Trauma

“To say that trauma induced behaviours like addiction are to do with mental illness or brain disease is simply wrong. The ACE study has proved beyond doubt that there is a direct correlation not just between addiction and trauma but between all illnesses and criminal behaviours and early childhood trauma. These things are not in … Read more

The Medicalisation of Trauma

“The medical model of health asks “What is wrong with you?” It does not ask “What happened to you?” This is the question that puts our health into an environmental context. What support did you have? Was anyone listening?”​

Is Touch Safe?

Studies are showing that by the time young people reach university, almost 50% of them have experienced inappropriate touch. This seems to be feeding this very dangerous myth that all Touch is “dangerous” or “bad”.

What is “Healthy Touch”?

Check out these two videos to discover where YOU are on the Touch spectrum – and discover the one thing that makes the difference between Healthy Touch, and Dangerous Touch.

Naked Ethics

Far from crying out “Look the Emperor has no clothes!” it may be time to exclaim “Look, the Emperor is wearing too many codes!” What the public needs most is for us to make our ethics more visible, to be more naked in fact. The creation of professional ethical guidelines for the Transactional Analysis community … Read more

Can we build a better future?

Jean Liedloff’s pioneering work is yet another example of a truly brilliant and innovative woman who much of the world seems to have completely ignored. Perhaps if more women were running the show the role of Touch in creating a society of caring and compassionate human beings would be much higher up on the political … Read more

3 Vital Skills

1. How to deal with Traumatised Clients 2. How to remove traumatic triggers from your clients with just 10 minutes of touch 3. How to protect yourself from your clients’ trauma I consider these three skills to be among the most important skills for every therapist to have and I’m committed to making learning these three … Read more

Dealing with Trauma

 In parallel with his work as both a Massage Therapist & Psychotherapist, Gerry has also been fascinated by the research, and in particular, the neuroscience of trauma and Touch. Trauma occurs every day – and there are ways of dealing with it. Want to learn more? Check out my Neuroscience of Touch course.

What Gerry’s students say…

Gerry has been active as both a clinician and trainer for the past 30 years – but ultimately the value of training is always best described by participants. We’ll let the students speak for themselves: I valued Gerry’s time and energy to listen to our questions and the space and thought he gave to each of … Read more