Three systems you need for Change

In this video I give you a crash course into work of one of the most respected figures researching personal change – Wilma Bucci. She has identified three systems that ALL need to be engaged for effective personal change.

Learn more about Wilma Bucci and the referential process

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5 thoughts on “Three systems you need for Change”

  1. Dear Gerry,
    Thank you for sending me the videos of Psychology of change.
    I like that they’re short and simple but impart a very powerful message that resonates with me and I recognise it in clients too.
    It also reminds me that, although counselling does help the body work Completes the whole experience of change, just like a jigsaw.
    I’m off to book a massage ASAP…

    Thank you and look forward to tomorrow.

  2. This stuff excites me. It’s like I am ready to hear this and in make sense. I’m not sure a few years ago I’d have believed a word of it.
    I would like to ask a question (turned out to be a few questions).
    When you talk about watching films, opera, and music, and the images and symbols in our lives. Do you think that the images we see on our televisions everyday are a part of this re programming and change? And do you think that we hand over too easily and lightly without a thought what we put into our minds to television companies? The way I am thinking, people use trauma and violence just as entertainment. Could this be linked to the growing issue in our country of anxiety and depression. Does it teach us to play unhealthy games, and tell unhealthy stories to ourselves.
    Something I find interesting is since I started massaging, and since I particularly started learning No Hands, and also have a regular massage myself, my tolerance of what I can watch on television in this way has changed. It’s like I’ve learnt to feel with my whole self not just in my head. I feel happiness, and joy, and fun with a magnified level of pleasure using all my senses, and awareness of what I feel, but I also have started to only want to carry the pain in my life that is mine to carry, watching TV, it doesn’t feel like entertainment quite the same.
    Do you think what we watch can change us without us knowing? Is it more than entertainment?
    Hope I haven’t gone off on one?

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Very interesting questions! Because of space I will only attempt to explore one: Does what we see influence us?
    Trauma studies show us that we can be equally traumatised by experiencing or by simply seeing or even by hearing of trauma 3 rd hand. In that sense it could be argued that whatever we see or hear we experience internally. Moral – be discerning about what you watch!

    However neuroscience also tells us that some people are more easily traumatised than others. This means that, due to past history, some of us are more vulnerable to being traumatised by events ( and TV) than others. The moral: notice how what you watch feels and take care of yourself. The more distressing it feels, the more protection you need.
    As for how much this influences us I believe you are probably ‘spot on’ about connecting “trauma as entertainment” with growing anxiety levels.

  4. So when you say “some people are more easily traumatised than others”. My question would be, do people just carry that trauma differently? People who disconnect their feelings, and become less aware of themselves to be able to deal with trauma, our society says sometimes they carry it well. But may be all it is, is it’s just buried deep, changing their personality, and changing their potential in life. Or does neuroscience tell us different?

  5. Hello Gerry,
    I’ve just revisited this video after a few days. This is fascinating and contains a piece of the jigsaw I had never paid much attention to: the importance of stories and the symbolic. I occasionally used symbolic acts intuitively, and enjoy placing myself under the spell of the arts, but this really clarified the connection between stories and healing / change.
    Thank you for this series, very well presented – I really like the clarity.
    Happy New Year!


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