Join us online for Your Weekly Massage

These weekly sessions ran from January – April 2021 but have now ended. You can access similar material in our FREE “Tools for Resilience” resource – click here

Started in lockdown but continuing due to such a positive response, Gerry is running WEEKLY live sessions online to help YOU, your friends and your loved ones get all the benefits of a Massage – without ever having to leave home! The video above gives you a brief introduction to these sessions but for the full “low down” check out the video below.

Sessions start at 8pm on Sunday evenings (log on from 7.45pm) on Zoom

Click here to access the “Tools for Resilience” resource Gerry mentions 


8.15pm – Explanations of what we will do

8.30pm  – THE SESSION



9.30pm  –   END

​There is no political, religious or gender requirements to join this group – everyone is welcome. It involves just a simple focus on healing breath, simple self touch and the power of community. That is all. Fill out the form above to join us!

4 thoughts on “Join us online for Your Weekly Massage”

  1. Hi Gerry,

    Just checking… is it ok to send out these videos to my clients, friends & family etc? I’m guessing it is, but just wanted to be sure before first.
    I think they explain really well what the YWM is all about and why it works. Thank you.
    I’ve already sent out your original YWM email with the ZOOM link to loads of my clients and I’m happy to say that one of my clients has already joined us and hopes to do as many as she can. But these videos may be a little nudge in the right direction for others, plus they can get your weekly reminder if they want to give their email to you.

    Thanks Gerry,
    Gillie x

    • Hi Gillie – great question and the answer is YES! These videos are very much available to be shared to help people understand what the Your Weekly Massage sessions can offer so please do share widely


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