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The first online TRAUMA DISCHARGE THERAPY certification training went better than I think any of us dared to hope for! Because the emphasis of T.D.T. is on setting the right psychological context for your NO HANDS touch, this is one bodywork course that can be done online.

It was a real hit – just read what the 8 participants wrote about it:

Sabrina Falco-Langham: “I love the simplicity of it, going right into the core of essential healing touch.”

Pauline Hinge: (After watching Gerry deliver a TDT Massage) “What a phenomenally different experience of a bespoke massage technique! So simple. So powerful. Wow. Looking forward to offering this to my clients.

Beth Hunt : “This is a treatment for anyone and everyone, we now all have a way to heal trauma gently , beautifully, safely. Thank you Gerry for creating such an amazing new therapy!

Doerte Tetley: “Having received a TDT treatment last year, I have had a longing since to learn this myself, especially as something from ancestral trauma came up for me. It is such a beautiful, gentle, yet powerful touch, that brings incredible results. Thank you for being open to be guided to develop this, Gerry.” 

Jane Lee: “I really like the fact that with TDT, I don’t have to listen to the trauma, because once they start it is really difficult to stop them and get on with the bodywork.. They might talk for 20 mins on their traumatic experiences…. TDT is great as it teaches me just how to direct their focus back into the safe “here and now” and to focus on the touch as the most effective way to discharge their trauma and build resilience. Brilliantly simple – and so effective!

Liza Atkinson: “From a client perspective:  It is the absolute feeling of safety when working with a NO HANDS Massage Therapist…clear communication is essential for me to feel safe enough to release.  The psychology speaks to me and gives added comfort. As a therapist it is more focused and allows for more of a collaboration in the treatment with each of my clients. This makes for so much better results…”

Sheila Ruddick: “Such a simple and non-intrusive treatment for ambient trauma/stress.  Thank you Gerry – I am always inspired after your courses x

Alaine Hah: “This is my 2nd online course with the Gerry Pyves Academy. These two courses gave me a “Wow!” effect from the beginning right until the end. Really didn’t expect that online training can be as powerful as the actual courses which I attend in Morecambe – flying in all the way from Malaysia! Highly recommended to everyone to take this opportunity to learn and reconnect with the all the lovely people from our NH family – without the expense of travel and accommodation! Thank you Gerry for this great training ♥️

So now, it is official – if you are at NO HANDS THERAPIST level, then you can complete your T.D.T. certification with this 3-day online training. This means that you can protect your work with clients from lockdown by placing them firmly within the realm of ‘mental health’ (lockdown exempt). You already have the T.A. theory so here is how to put your great touch to psychological use. 

Next course: December 2nd – 4th 2020

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Not yet at THERAPIST level? Contact the office to discuss your own path to becoming a TRAUMA DISCHARGE THERAPIST

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