Between a Rock and a Hard Place

By Gerry Pyves


Between a rock and a hard place

The simple truth about the Covid-19 epidemic is that we cannot solve a problem if we do not even know the scope of that problem…

For a long time now, I have been advising caution both as a massage therapist and a psychotherapist by saying “No-one even knows how this virus operates”. FINALLY I have  come across a scientist who can explain just how Covid-19 is transmitted and how we can take charge of our protection. This article explains it clearly, simply and without any “agenda”. If, like me, you have been sickened by the lies and deceit of our leaders, then it will be a tonic to read some actual science and some actual truth.

Basically, this article explains SCIENTIFICALLY why ANY FORM OF THERAPY that shares the same confined air space for more than 10 minutes or any TRAINING COURSE that congregates people in a group together is the most likely to spread the virus to our loved ones and to the vulnerable in our community – and that this will be true for a long time to come.

OUCH! This means that ALL healers are caught…

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Sheep on rock

THE ROCK: We do not want to kill people or behave in a way that might harm others, by spreading the virus. Our profession is to help people after all.

THE HARD PLACE: To earn our living doing healing work with people means putting them into a confidential and private space where we are both going to be breathing the same air for up to an hour.

The old ‘safe’ is now the new ‘risk’….

What we pride ourselves on – providing a private and secure space where our clients can let go and heal safely without ridicule or censure – has now become the most likely place in which to spread a lethal virus.

And the Truth Shall Set You Free…

As hard as this is to read, it means that only NOW can we look for real solutions that can actually work for us. Now we know the terrible truth. Now we can start to look for a way forward that is based on REALITY.

In order to create Robust New Possibilities we must first face The Hard Reality of this situation. There is no point trying to operate from a hopeful and somewhat delusional Child Ego State that says “everything will be fine, soon.” It is not clear just when therapists and trainers will be considered safe enough to work in our intense and private way again. The truth is this – we will be the last group of people to be allowed to do our work in the old way – because we carry the greatest risk of transmission. That is just the reality of the science.

In any case, regardless of what the government may say, I personally see little chance that I can work either ethically or morally again (i.e. without being responsible for transmitting a deadly virus) until one or both of the following are properly in place:

1) A proper ‘Test and Track’ system is in place across the whole of the UK, as in South Korea


2) A virus antibody certificate is issued to all those with immunity so we can only see clients who have this certificate – but only if we also have it.

And now, with this harsh reality faced, I can return to the question: “Can we heal in Lockdown?” My own answer to this question is a resounding “Yes”.

Necessity is the Mother of invention…

You see, necessity was definitely the mother of invention with NO HANDS Massage…NO HANDS emerged out of a crisis. The crisis of injury to both my hands on the same day. This incapacitating double injury forced me to think “outside the box” and create a totally new approach to the way we touch our clients and to the disciplines that we must practice in all our movements.

So I’m devastated that the powerful healing work you do through Touch has been put on hold. But NO HANDS has always been about so much more than Massage alone – since the very beginning the concepts of Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy have been woven into every aspect of my approach. This is only possible because I personally qualified as a psychotherapist and, more recently, as a Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Trainer & Supervisor.

So, thirty six years later, I am called back into action. Covid-19 has forced me to “up my game” to explore whether or not we can continue to heal

even when we cannot be in the same space as our clients

Does this sound a little bit like massaging without using our hands to you? Three days BEFORE lockdown started on March 20th, reading the writing on the wall, I started an experimental group. I asked the simple question:

“What if, being part of an online group could make a difference to my health, my resilience and my well being?

I found 24 fellow bodyworkers who would join me in this experiment, and so we met once a week for the next 6 weeks online…

The Quantum Healing Group

We didn’t have such a grand name to begin with. It was just ” The Friday Group” or “The Monday Group”. To start with we simply explored the simple power of being a group and getting to know each other. Every session started with certain members simply saying how they were doing. We got to know each other. We listened to each other. We shared and we cared.

Meeting at 8am every Monday morning carries a certain intimacy…

Then we looked at the simple power of SYNCHRONISING OUR MOVEMENTS as a group, using simple gestures like the namaste bow – all together. We used the exercises I have promoted in my “4 Breaths” and “Primal Movements” materials. We all found ourselves strangely moved and ‘touched’ by this “sharing at a distance…”

We may have been physically distanced, but we were discovering that we could be socially intimate and we were “live” and “real” and sharing the same moment all together. Sometimes there was laughter and sometimes there were tears and at other times there was despair. Just like in any group of people who get together and feel safe…

Then we looked at what would happen if we asked one another “What would you like to feel at the end of the week, if this was a Massage?” We then asked ourselves to picture these outcomes for each other as we moved our bodies and we imagined that person actually receiving a beautiful massage. Some of us even imagined ourselves giving that massage to the person…

And throughout these 6 weeks, the scientist in me asked the members to fill in a “Resilience Scale” that I adapted from one of psychology’s “gold standard” questionnaires, every week. It is called ‘The Connor-Davidson Resilience Questionnaire.’

And the result after 6 weeks? Remember the question?

“What if, being part of an online group could make a difference to my health, my resilience and my well being?

Well, it was a resounding “Yes”. And the average score on the resilience scale went up TWENTY SIX PERCENT! This is a phenomenal average shift. You can read their comments at the bottom of the page here.

Which is why I am able to report back to you the answer. Yes, you can do your healing work in lockdown and No, you don’t have to be a psychotherapist to do so. It does help if you have some training and support in the power of group dynamics and how psychotherapists protect a group like this. This saves you from the nightmare that any group can so easily create.  If you read Lynne McTaggart’s book “The Intention Experiment” you will also see that there is loads of scientific research to explain just how this sort of healing happens.

So this post is to let you know that you can put your clinical skills to work in a new and exciting way: through running your own Quantum Healing Groups.

Earn as a Quantum Healing Group Facilitator

I am now running short online training groups for those of you who want to roll up your sleeves to overcome the appalling impasse we find ourselves in. Not only does this training give you an immediate and powerful new way to start earning during lockdown, it also means that here in the UK you can get insurance cover for this work. In addition, it could also become the beginning of a whole new qualification for you in Psychotherapy. Full details here.

Beginning on June 8th, the Quantum Healing Group Facilitator training is already booking up fast. You need to get active NOW if you think this is something that might interest you. Call or email us if you have any questions about any of it.

Wishing you strength & resilience in these challenging times.

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