What you do as
a therapist

When you reach out to
help another

Is simply amazing

I am  in AWE of you…


Brexit, Trump, Bolsonaro, climate change, Hong Kong, recession, unemployment, overpopulation, scarcity marketing, FOMO, school shootings, flooding, GMOs, 5G, ACEs, etc. etc. etc…

How can any of us NOT feel anxious or worried when we see these and similar topics in our news feed, newspaper headlines in the supermarket or hear others talking about them?

Perhaps, like me, you have stopped watching the news because you just can’t take any more? Have you noticed how your clients are carrying so much more stress and tension because of these same issues? How many of your clients are now coming in with more chronic stress every time, despite your best efforts to soothe them?  

The cause of all of these issues is the huge increase in TRAUMA we are all being exposed to. Our nervous systems were never designed to be exposed to this much worldwide trauma. We are living in a TRAUMA-SPHERE. The amount of triggering and re-triggering that is going on through social media and other channels is overwhelming the mirror neurons that evolution gave us to empathise and help each other.

Now those mirror neurons are being triggered wherever we turn our attention. These large amounts of uncertainty and political unrest are only triggering our own personal traumas, remembered or unremembered. 

By 6 months old I had been starved, cut in my mouth and in my genitals and then my elder brother almost succeeded in drowning me. That was just in my first 6 months. Of course I have no memory of these traumatic events. Family stories told me this. Yet the neuroscience is clear about such early and forgotten traumas – the body never forgets… We hold all our past traumas in PROCEDURAL (somatic) memory.

Not only our own traumas, either. Many traumas that we carry have also been passed on to us through past generations. The research on this is inescapable.

And then there is all the trauma we carry that comes from being exposed to other people’s trauma through our work. Burn out is the most common expression of this well-known phenomenon. At the heart of all this trauma is society’s loss of actual real and soothing connection with each other and with nature.


As a society, we have heard so much about abuse that we have started to become suspicious of touch itself – yet the one thing that heals all this tension and trauma better than any other, is safe, soothing, human touch. We reach out, we connect, we breathe and we soothe… 

Touch is the very first and the very last transaction of human life…
As therapists we are uniquely placed to help our local community heal from this onslaught of trauma, by offering or teaching them safe touch.  We just need to know which types of touch go directly to the parts of the brain and the nervous system that carry the trauma; how to communicate this safely and how to help our clients understand that touch can help them to discharge the trauma their nervous systems are carrying and re-build their resilience.

It is my belief that when enough people get regular, healing touch, our whole society will be able to calm down enough to focus on solutions rather than problems, and we can truly create a world that works for all of humanity; not just the privileged few. This is a revolutionary idea. It is a revolution of healing.

Politicians can’t do this and marching in the streets can’t do this. ONLY YOU can do this. Find out how to take your work with clients to the cutting edge of neuroscience and integrate the wisdom of thousands of years of healing bodywork into your practice. The answer to the biggest threat to humanity lies literally, at our fingertips. But here is the catch.. 

Nobody can do this touch or learn this touch alone

Like gravity, we cannot get away from the essence of touch – we need to connect with another human being and we need to actually do it. To learn this material we need to ‘get together’ and ‘herd’ and experience just how touch can build up our shared resilience. 


Under the current onslaught of negativity and anxiety, I believe that there is just one group of the population that needs to get together and soothe each other more than any other. Those of us who spend our time helping others, are more at risk than any other group. Our mirror neurons are getting more fired up with trauma than most. THE MORE WE CARE, THE MORE WE EMPATHISE. The more we empathise, the more our mirror neurons are firing inside our own nervous systems. 

Because of our mirror neurons, trauma passes from one person to another like a virus. Unless we learn how we can use touch to discharge this trauma from our own nervous systems, it is the healers and therapists who are the most vulnerable to damage, burn out and despair. 

The very people this planet needs the most, right now.

Perhaps you have also been feeling this? 

So, enough is enough! It is time to go on the offensive. Time to grasp the nettle of the transformative healing power of pure, simple, human touch. Let’s get together and help each other out. That is why I am travelling around the UK to get PHYSICALLY closer to you. We cannot sit back and allow ourselves to be engulfed by this tidal wave of re-triggering trauma. Right now, society needs people who can solve this problem of trauma. And to do this we need to be resilient, positive and full of energy. After all,

The first rule in saving a drowning person?
Make sure you do not drown first!

These training days are about sharing with you how to dissolve, discharge and release trauma from the nervous system of yourself and your clients, using touch. We will do this together and then you can decide if it is something you want to share with your clients. If you sit around waiting for the research evidence and the academic proof of this touch, then there might not be anyone left alive on this planet by the time the powers that be decide touch is profitable enough to be worthy of research (which it never will be).

To find the answers to all your questions about touch and the nervous system, you need only attend ONE DAY.

To experience this approach to healing trauma for yourself, both as a giver and receiver, you need only attend ONE DAY.

To hear what others like you have to say about the impact of this touch on them and how they can use it, you need only attend ONE DAY.

Get all the answers for yourself about this vital subject. Don’t wait for the funding bodies or the research grants. After all, your clients need this right now.  You see, if the problem is trauma, then one of the most effective answers on the planet to that question, is touch. This answer has been with us for millions of years. Human touch.

Touch that connects…Touch that is safe…Touch that soothes…

So if you are a bodyworker, come along to my Massage For Trauma 1-day training and join with me in ‘stripping back’ all that we have been taught about massage and bodywork and get right back to the bare bones of the three primal movements that speak directly to our 500 million year old nervous systems.

Cattle herding - the importance of getting together

Herding together is one of our most powerful and primal mammalian needs… Together, we can rebuild our strength and rebuild our hope and faith in healing by experiencing the power of these three movements on our own nervous systems.Only by coming together can we discover THE REALITY of just how strong the forces of healing are right now… In the midst of such darkness and pain, we must GATHER TOGETHER. It is time. It is isolation that will kill us and our work. 

This is because, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG. 

Screens cannot do this… Books cannot do this… Research articles cannot do this. To learn this material, we need to rub shoulders, laugh together, talk together and sit in silent awe together. I can guarantee that this day will broaden and strengthen your practice. It has taken me a whole clinical lifetime of working in both fields of touch and psychotherapy to make the links that I share with you on these days. 

This is what I want to show you… The integration of two of the greatest healing disciplines on the planet. Bodywork and Psychology.

Because TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG and because

What you do

When you reach out to
help another

Is simply amazing

And that is why I am in AWE of you…


If you are a Bodyworker, come along to my Massage For Trauma 1-day training

Consider yourself invited. 

I look forward to meeting you there.

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