3 Vital Skills

1. How to deal with Traumatised Clients

2. How to remove traumatic triggers from your clients with just 10 minutes of touch

3. How to protect yourself from your clients’ trauma

I consider these three skills to be among the most important skills for every therapist to have and I’m committed to making learning these three skills as accessible as possible.  Fundamentally, if you wish to become a confident and successful practitioner, or want to maintain the success you already have, then you must know how to deal with all three of these. Read on to discover why…

How to deal with Traumatised Clients

This probably constitutes 90% of your clients. Working therapeutically, we are often ‘lifting’ such trauma out of the unconscious into the conscious mind and you may not even be recognising this each time it happens.

Spotting what is going on will enable you to adjust your treatments accordingly. This is the single most important reason why ’techniques’ often do not work – unremembered and unconscious trauma. Knowing what to do when it ‘lifts’ is vital to our success and credibility as therapists.

How to remove traumatic triggers from your clients – with just 10 minutes of Touch

When clients arrive traumatised or trauma erupts spontaneously from your therapeutic work, it is vital that you know how to immediately remove the triggers of that trauma. The neuroscience has shown us exactly how to do this with touch. This is a life skill that everyone needs to learn.

How to protect yourself from clients’ traumas

Burn out is almost inevitable for therapists. This is why the professional life span of most therapists is just a few years.

By learning a simple technique to clear yourself of any trauma that you have accumulated whilst working with clients you can prolong your career and learn how to stay healthy in this very demanding work.


As I said at the beginning of the article, I’m committed to making learning these skills as accessible as possible for you – which is what my Neuroscience of Touch seminars are all about. These days are relevant for you if…

  • You are the sort of practitioner who likes to learn practical tools that can be used with your clients the very next day
  • You wish to build up your confidence and increase your success rate with clients
  • You want the latest neuroscience to empower your work with clients
  • You want a face-to-face training to learn about touch and have your touch felt by real people, plus have your unique and individual questions answered by a real, live human being

You can find more information about the day including dates and locations here. Some venues are already fully booked and the dates are coming up fast – so if you want to join me to learn these vital skills, do get booked in now. I look forward to seeing you there!

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