Dealing with Trauma

 In parallel with his work as both a Massage Therapist & Psychotherapist, Gerry has also been fascinated by the research, and in particular, the neuroscience of trauma and Touch. Trauma occurs every day – and there are ways of dealing with it. One particularly effective way of how to remove traumas both for yourself and your clients is taught on the Neuroscience of Touch day. Click for more information.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with Trauma”

  1. Very interesting, Gerry – I can’t wait!!! We deal with lots of people with Fibromyalgia, ME, depression, divorce, cancer, parents of children (and children) with Autism and other situations which are life changing for the parents too, and sadly, most difficult, end of life cases. I think this day will be invaluable to me and most important, to the people I see on a daily basis. I hope that we can have a chat afterwards, to catch up with each other’s amazing progress. Until then…….

  2. Hi Jane,
    Yes, this is very exciting material and gives us a direct route into soothing the traumatised parts of the brain that are responsible for so many chronic and difficult conditions. There will be plenty of time to share each of our stories and experiences during this day. See you there…

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