Reclaiming Touch

We’re currently living in an age where Touch is far too often sexualised, demonised or massively discounted. There’s been a slow creep towards this point, over several centuries, and I believe we are a hair’s breadth away from losing touch (no pun intended) with the incredible therapeutic power of the whole range of Touch, from the deepest to the lightest. To me this is devastating.

Ironically, the recent advances in neuroscientific research are just beginning to catch up with what Touch Therapists have seen time and again in their treatment rooms. Powerful healing reactions from clients can now be seen in the context of scientific understanding of the brain. And with that, I believe we have a real chance to reclaim Touch and bring it back to the very heart of a thriving, connected and creative approach to the wellbeing of ourselves – and the planet.

It has taken decades of research to reach this point (both within the more mainstream arena, and by Touch research pioneers such as Dr Tiffany Field) and I have spent months finding, comprehending and contextualising this academic research to extract the key elements which will be most effective, most quickly, to bring an added dimension to clinical health and wellbeing professionals – whether already using Touch in their work or not.

To me a fundamental element of this new shift, this new unified theory of healing, is that it is shared and used by a community of people who have had the opportunity to understand the information, ask questions about it, talk about it with their peers, put it into practice within a safe training environment and feel confident taking it back to their essential work with clients. Your essential work with clients. Which is why my first step is to invite you to my Neuroscience of Touch seminar. Here you will have a chance to do all those things with professionals from your region and to truly understand how we can bring Touch back into centre stage as the integral part of human survival and thriving that it truly is. I hope you can join us.

Gerry Pyves

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