“Where Did YOU Come From?”

Looking after our mental health is actually much more important than looking after our physical health. You might be able to live without a leg, but could you live without your mind? In addition, after over 30 years as a clinician, I have found that many physical problems stem from psychological causes.

Learning to understand the different parts within us that make us human enables us to navigate our way through life more effectively. By brushing our need for this ‘self – knowledge’ under the carpet, what generally happens is that the ignored parts of ourselves grow and grow to menacingly large proportions. Eventually they will start to sabotage our success in life and our health. As Gustav Doré’s amazing drawing of Little red Riding Hood shows, you may even wake up one day and find them (metaphorically) lying in bed right next to you!

By not understanding just what BEING HUMAN means, we can end up with problems that no amount of exercise or physical therapy can alleviate. Depression, Anxiety, Frustration and Self-hate all tend to grow and grow unless we learn how to understand ourselves better and discover simple ways to defuse this build up.

The real key to understanding and defusing the parts of ourselves that we prefer not to see or know about is through identifying the main characteristics of our LIFE SCRIPTS.

Eric Berne, the creator of Transactional Analysis and the man largely responsible for one of the most well used approaches to mental health worldwide (with over 20,000 practitioners), stated quite simply:

“Someday, someone is going to discover what human living is all about. I think the answer lies in script.”

Berne believed that, not unlike the kind of scripts actors are familiar with, our LIFE SCRIPTS have a beginning, a middle and an end. These life-scripts have characters that play significant roles such as the heroes and villains, all which make the story exciting, tragic or perhaps even futile. If you looked at your life so far…

What title would you give to your life story; your script?

What type of story is it; happy, tragic or banal?

Eric Berne and the 3 year old script writerThe good news about life-scripts is that we are our own scriptwriters…

The bad news is that we wrote them when we were about 3 years old…

But who wants a 3 year old running our show? 

This is why understanding how our own particular life script was written, and why, is crucial to gaining our independence and freedom from the prison of our past.

It was down to this simple reason that I created my psycho-educational programme,  THE KNOWLEDGE – to provide a safe and supportive structure for such a journey of exploration – so we can all understand and update our life scripts.

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