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Being Human is not always as easy as we think!  You might even be quite surprised to discover just where ‘normal’ sits on my unique Mental Health Spectrum – check it out!

Understanding just how to manage the various drives and impulses that can surge through our whole being should not just be left to ’trial and error’.

Since the time of Freud, psychologists and mental health professionals have been working away at precisely this question – “What does BEING HUMAN really mean?” Although their answers may have differed in the detail and even in their reasoning, certain core essentials have emerged and re-emerged again and again.

One of the key ideas is that we all tend to follow certain patterns of behaviour, thinking and feeling in response to certain situations or stimuli. Some call this ‘compulsions’ and some call it ‘narrative’. In Transactional Analysis we call this ‘Life Script’.

Almost all psychological professionals agree that much of this script is written by the age of THREE! This means that most of us are victims to the lottery of the previous generations of our family – the only ‘school’ we had at that age. So the big question there is, “how well did that turn out for them?”

All of which means that if we want to ‘update’ this narrative, then we need to do something really smart. This is because we are dealing here with the immense power of our UNCONSCIOUS mind. Whilst we can make some changes through sheer grit and determination, the sad truth is that for the really important issues of Health, Relationships and Work it is more often a case of “one step forward and two steps back” as far as our unconscious goes.

So you can probably see how changing this script narrative really should not be left to random chance. So who knows this information? The answer of course is the psychological professionals – but they tend to only be available for people who are in serious difficulties with their mental health.

This is the reason why I created my psycho-educational programme called THE KNOWLEDGE. Unless we want to be a victim of our family history, then we need to access the last 200 years of psychological research and clinical understanding in order to make the most of our lives. This knowledge is well known to psychological professionals, but I believe we ALL need this to function at our very best in life.

The reality is that many of us in the helping professions or in leadership roles need this knowledge – for ourselves! The stresses and strains of leadership and working in the helping professions are enormous. In addition, the more we can understand what works and WHY it works, the more impact we can have on others.


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