Who’s running your show?

I regard Eric Berne (the founder of Transactional Analysis) as ‘The Einstein of psychotherapy’ because he was able to take the most important ideas that he had come across in forty years of study and clinical experience as a psychotherapist and then…


How many of us have found ourselves sabotaging our health, our relationships or our jobs by behaving like a young child? In fact neuroscience and psychology is now confirming that most of our decisions are actually made UNCONSCIOUSLY.

The problem with this is that it is our Child Ego State that largely ‘rules the roost’ of our unconscious through what we call THE LIFE SCRIPT.  In fact,  Berne went even further by writing that this Child Ego State is in fact “The Emperor of life itself”.

By this he meant that it is precisely this part of the human psyche that decides that the insanity of war is a ‘good idea’, or that makes politicians decide that the interests of the self over-rule the needs of society, or that means we say “No” when we really should be saying “Yes”.

If you want to see this Child Ego State in action, simply listen to the whining child-like voice of Donald Trump and then examine the track history of the many crooks and charlatans he has surrounded himself with as his closest advisors

The power of this Child Ego State to rule our lives is why I decided to put this cartoon on the front of my book, BEING HUMAN.  Learning how to understand and influence this Child Ego State  is precisely why I wrote this book and created THE KNOWLEDGE – to help give you greater agency and control over your life and the direction you are heading in. Click here to find out more

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