The Way we Change

There are loads of vlogs, blogs, articles and discussions about what you might want to change – but here I look at the way we change and our need to understand how this works.

Is it really “one size fits all”? Hardly!

One of the most common reasons we fail to make the changes we want to our lives is simply a lack of accurate information. Very often, the map we are following is only a fragment of the full map. Once we get hold of the full map and work out where we are, it is easy to get to our destination.

This is why I  created the unique Mental Health Spectrum – so you can assess just where you are on this spectrum of mental health, resilience and success and see how THE KNOWLEDGE can help you travel to where you want to be in your life.

Imagine trying to drive from London to Paris with just a map of Camden Town. Actually, you could spend years trying to even reach the channel!

If you really want to support yourself in making effective change, Gerry’s new programme, THE KNOWLEDGEoffers you a map that has been built up, bit by bit, by qualified and experienced psychological professionals over the last 200 years. Until now, most of it has only been made available to the professionals – Gerry aims to change that…

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