What Gerry’s students say…

Gerry has been active as both a clinician and trainer for the past 30 years – but ultimately the value of training is always best described by participants. We’ll let the students speak for themselves:

I valued Gerry’s time and energy to listen to our questions and the space and thought he gave to each of us to answer our questions. I found it fascinating and enjoyed Gerry’s approach which was welcoming, encouraging and made me feel very comfortable. Rachel Wayte 

The biggest value for me is how practical and easy it is to translate the theory into my life. Obviously it will be difficult to untangle the puzzle of my mind but I feel I have useful tools to help me do so. I feel empowered.  Jana Dosoudilova

I have realised so very much about myself, it’s very exciting. I have loved the group support which I felt from everyone! I’m fascinated to learn more about how I can recover AUTONOMY. Michelle Doughty 

I really valued the interaction in small groups looking at different views, how I can use it in everyday life and the lightbulb moments on recognising my own patterns. I also enjoyed the  structure of how one subject easily led to another to reinforce my understanding. Karen Godfrey

Being able to look at my own life and how TA can explain, and help, my journey and ongoing development (like why I feel so stuck right now). I valued being able to ask in-depth questions which clarified my learning. Your warmth and great amount of knowledge was really helpful and useful. PS I’ll definitely be back to learn more.  Emmy Yeadon

The models were kept simple with valuable exercises that allowed everyone to walk through the content and bring it to life. The pace was great and the breaks were valuable in further exploring ideas with the group. Shared group experiences stretched my thinking. It was a really safe environment and your training was high energy and engaging. Keeping it fun helped people to keep interactive and learning. Sarah Bean   

I was not sure what to expect from this course, I just knew that it intrigued me! At first, flicking through the folder I found it daunting and wondered if I would be able to understand it all, but Gerry’s humour and slow pace and extensive explanation made it all unfold beautifully. I found myself bouncing through internal emotions and discoveries all along the way. For me it has very much been a “journey” and I feel will continue to be for many years to come. I now need to process and re-read information and put it into practice! Miranda Davis

I enjoyed the energy and didn’t feel as if I was learning some “stuffy” info. It felt fresh and new. I valued how we could talk about transferring our learning to both work and personal lives. I look forward to the next few weeks…changing script behaviours & beliefs. I felt safe and comfortable. Kate Schaeffer

I valued the honest and open communication about topics that were at times personal, confusing, disturbing and illuminating. The subjects were very emotive but were handled in a supportive and safe way. Sara Renyard