“Trauma (remembered or not) is at the root of most physical and mental health conditions – and the latest neuroscience is showing that the key to the treatment of trauma is Touch.”

“I’m Gerry Pyves and I’ve spent the last 30 years as a bodyworker and psychotherapist working clinically and in the training room. The stark increase in chronic mental health conditions arriving in the treatment room (for either bodywork or talking therapy) is emerging just as the world is waking up to the link between Adverse Childhood Experiences and the massive impact trauma, remembered or not, has on the well-being of every human on the planet

I’ve witnessed the immense power of Touch in a therapeutic setting to dissolve traumas that words simply could not reach. I’ve also seen the difference that psychological awareness can bring to a bodywork practice. I’m passionate about sharing the knowledge and wisdom of bodywork protocols to the psychotherapy profession, as well as providing greater psychological awareness to bodyworkers. I look forward to working with you soon!” Gerry Pyves

Bringing the ancient wisdom of bodywork to counsellors and psychotherapists for the treatment of trauma

Bringing greater psychological awareness around trauma and its treatment to bodyworkers

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